Menu Planning

Yes, to some it may seem extreme to plan a weeks worth of meals all at once. For others it’s a way to be organised, save money or eat nutritious meals regularly.  It can also cut down on food wastage. I like knowing that I will come home from work to a fridge/pantry ready with the ingredients I need for a complete meal. I usually plan on Sunday or Monday – whichever day I do a big grocery shop. My aim is to have a few meat-free meals a week, a salad most days with lunch and vegetables every night. I also try to plan around ingredients. For example if I open some cream for a recipe on Monday night I try to come up with another meal idea with cream later in the week. Saves money and waste!

And yes, it’s ok for us not to stick to the plan 100%! Life happens, things change and sometimes we spontaneously decide to eat out, but I do like to have my little plan each week.
Any scrap of paper will do, by at the moment I like this free printable menu planner with shopping list from The Project Girl. Happy planning!

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