Georgetown Cupcake

My absence of late was due to a trip to the United States in search of cupcakes. Well, I guess it was trip to visit family, friends and cupcakes. While in the US we had some of the best store-bought cupcakes ever from Georgetown Cupcake in DC. We actually had to line up outside the shop for about 10 minutes, but it was worth it. We bought half a dozen – a mixture of red velvet, pumpkin spice, vanilla, chocolate and coconut. They were moist, not too sweet or sugary and just the right size. Our only complaint was the flavour in the pumpkin spice cupcake was a little too mild.

Georgetown Cupcake put so many other cupcake bakeries to shame! Where can we buy good cupcakes in Sydney? The last time my boss bought us Sparkle cupcakes the vanilla cupcake I tried was not fresh. I’m still looking for somewhere that sells consistently good quality cupcakes in Sydney.

Cute logo and packaging.

Opps, one cupcake tried to jump ship.

Back in line.

Coconutty goodness.

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